Our elite quality Basmati rice has en extra long grain, fully polished, translucent in color, significant aroma and high in nutritional value. The husk of the rice is removed with all the dust and waste particles. After the husk has been removed, Rice is fed in to a drum which is rotated at a very high speed under pressure. The rice grains rub against each other causing the heat from friction to reach over 350º F. Water vapor is introduced to moisten the grain surfaces causing the surface starch to gelatinize. The rice is dried. This process results in loss of bran surface, giving it a shiny appearance. Upon cooking, the texture of elite Quality basmati rice is firm, smooth, tender and non-sticky without splitting.
Seela Basmati Rice


Non- basmati rice comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. The processing procedure involves four steps: soaking, cooking, drying and then milling. The rough rice is soaked in plain water and saturated for a few hours. Excess water is drained off and then paddy is cooked at 212º F for time enough to change starch structure to be gelatinized. Now the paddy is sun-dried. Dried paddy then milled. The husk is removed and then the grain may be polished. The parboiled rice gives a fluffy separate gain on cooking. The Pakistani Sella Rice is well known for their usage in biryani due to their size elongation and mouthwatering taste.


Long Grain, Non-Glutinous, Slender and excellent in cooking and taste. The premium quality rice is a bit less in aroma but equals in taste. Their fine luster and excellent texture gives taste to every recipe.


Brown rice is the white rice with bran intact that adds more fiber to the product. It also contains magnesium, manganese and zinc which are essential parts of our diet. Their texture is not as fluffy as polished white rice but they elongate twice their length upon cooking.

wallnut Wallnuts

Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are also rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals, and promote brain, bone, immune, and heart health. It contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, vitamin B9 and also adds to the dietary fiber. Because of their high fat contents, walnuts are protected from heat, light and humidity to avoid spoilage.
wallnut Dried Dates

Dried dates are the berry like fruits of the date palm belonging to the palm family of Palmae, Arecaceae. The scientific name is Phoenix Dactylifera. These dates are dry and the color ranges from dark red to deep brownish or yellow. The flesh is semi-soft and carries an inedible stone.



Pistachio, botanically called Pistacia Vera is a fruit with a dry, hard, outer egg shaped shell, with a tasty kernel inside containing magnesium, copper, iron and calcium. Pistachios are stockpiles of Arginine, important role in the metabolic processes of the body. They help to improve the heart health and cholesterol level in the body.




Almond belonging to the genus  Prunus is derived from Old French word called ‘almande or alemande’    is another rich dry fruit found in Pakistan that contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for heart. It also has optimum potassium and magnesium content that helps the body to maintain a normal blood pressure and protects against hardening of the arteries.
wallnut Dates

it is good to quote them as an essential part of one’s diet, so that it can be considered as a balanced diet. Dates are composed of various fats, sugar, vitamins, and minerals, which our body requires. Arabs, for example, eat dates along with milk—making it more beneficial. However, a few of its advantages are described below.


Seasame seed Dates

These hulled sesame seeds are lighter in color than the natural variety. Often found on top of rolls, these seeds are ideal for baking and cooking.
Maize Starch Maize Starch

Maize is the most widely grown crop in the Americas with 332 million metric tons grown annually in the United States alone. Transgenic maize comprised 85% of the maize planted in the United States in 2009.[1] While some maize varieties grow up to 7 metres (23 ft) tall,[2] most commercially grown maize has been bred for a standardized height of 2.5 metres (8.2 ft). Sweet corn is usually shorter than field-corn varieties.
Matches Matches

A match is a combustible tool for lighting a fire in controlled circumstances. Matches are usually sold in quantity, packaged in match boxes or matchbooks. A match is typically a wooden stick (typical in the case of match boxes) or stiff paper stick (in the case of matchbooks) coated at one end with a material which will ignite from the heat of friction if struck against a suitable surface.
Sesams Seed Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes. They are also the main ingredients in tahini (sesame seed paste) and the wonderful Middle Eastern sweet call halvah. They are available throughout the year
Rice Flour Rice Flour

Rice flour has been used historically in baby foods and a few inter-generational favorites, such as Rice Krispies™. Rice flour is milder, lighter and easier to digest than wheat flour and is a great substitute for people who are gluten intolerant.
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