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Maize and Corn are terms used interchangeably for a grain that is a staple food present worldwide. Maize is a common grain that is yellow in appearance wrapped inside of leafy stalk stemming from the grass family of Poaceae. It is one of the most important yielded cereal grain which is primarily used as a source of corn starch to produce oils. The significance of Maize in Pakistan is prominent as it ranks third after rice and wheat. It is devoured by people in its powder form to make tortillas, cornbread and etc.


Wheat hails from Triticum grass category grown in a range of variety in several regions worldwide on all kinds of soil. It is popular source of food in the entire world and is the most prominent channel of vegetable protein in contrast to other cereal grains. For this reason it is grown over globally and is amongst widely consumed cereal grains. Wheat is processed to make bread, noodles, bulgur, pasta, semolina and other wheat based edibles. Wheat is rich in gluten and contains minerals, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a white powdery substance obtained via processing wheat grains that is used to create a variety of scrumptious treats devoured by numerous people. There are two types of wheat compositions which categorizes wheat into soft or hard wheat. Wheat with low gluten components is known as soft and hard wheat variety is one which contains high gluten. Both varieties are used for various human consumption needs and are in demand via pastry chefs and companies for baked goods.

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Abdul Rauf Abdul Aziz (ARAA) with expertise in the export/ import of quality agri commodities and all kinds of dry fruits ARAA was established in 1991. As the time ambled away, we became a leading exporter of all kinds of Super Kernel rice, rice flour, dates, dried dates, pulses, red chilli powder, matches, maize starch, sesame seeds, IRRI 6 (rice) and an enormous spectrum of dry fruits.

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