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Round Chillies

Red Chilli peppers stem from Capsicum Genus and comes in different varieties. Round chilli is a type of chilli which is native of Pakistan. They are round like marble and have a rich red tinge with a dried exterior derived from Capsicum frutescens or Capsicum annuum. Albeit they are small in size but are full of flavor and extremely hot in taste. Round chillies peppers are vastly used in cooking across the world but is more popular in Pakistan.


Guggal is a sticky and aromatic gum resin that is called Bdellium in Hebrew. It is extracted from the bark of Commiphora wightii tree to be used in perfume and in various medicines. Gugal exudes tones of sweet, warm, balsamic, strong and earthy scents and is often burned by people to indulge in these fragrances. It is also favored by most for spiritual activities. Gugal is often used in combination with other herbs to cure diseases like arthritis, indigestion, obesity and mouth infections.

Hybrid Chillies

Hybrid red chillies are high in quality by nature, pure and good in tastes, usually named for its Natural taste tempting flavor and Nutritional value. Chili peppers are hot with small & large size characters and has a various colors, flavors because of the level of Capsaicin in them and quality of the chili varies as per their size, genre, aroma & sour level.

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Abdul Rauf Abdul Aziz (ARAA) with expertise in the export/ import of quality agri commodities and all kinds of dry fruits ARAA was established in 1991. As the time ambled away, we became a leading exporter of all kinds of Super Kernel rice, rice flour, dates, dried dates, pulses, red chilli powder, matches, maize starch, sesame seeds, IRRI 6 (rice) and an enormous spectrum of dry fruits.

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